Marine Consulting and Management

CableFish Accords, Inc.
790 Harrison Ave.
Astoria, OR 97103 USA
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 Mission Statement

CableFish Accords exists to provide high quality fisheries consulting and management to parties who have an interest in developing positive, cooperative relationships between the Commercial Fishing Industry and the Undersea Cable Industry.


· Fishermen Representatives for undersea cable surveys and installations
· Consulting on fishermen/submarine cable relations
· Consulting management of joint cable/fishermen committees
· Speakers bureau on cable/fishermen relations

 CableFish Accords can provide successful trawl fishermen with experience in submarine cable route survey, submarine cable installation and submarine cable post-lay inspection and burial (PLIB) operations. A partnership with our skilled professionals and local fishermen can provide the best combination of local knowledge and experience to ensure good cable routes, successful installation and verified burial.


  Positive, productive relationships between cable owners and commercial fishermen are the result of planning, preparation, and professional guidance. CableFish Accords has a strong record of positive relationships in every effort.

 Management of joint cable/fishermen committees is a new field. CableFish Accords has the longest track record in the industry.


 It has been said that the best way to communicate with fishermen is to send a fellow fisherman to speak to them. We offer speakers to address all aspects of Cable / Fishermen relations. We also can address cable owners on creating successful partnerships with the commercial fishing industry.

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