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 Scott McMullen, Consultant

Owner, F/V PROSPECTOR Dec. 1981- Present Owner and until recently, operator of 18 meter/60 foot commercial trawl vessel fishing the coasts of Oregon, Washington and Northern California.

Chairman OFCC July 1998-Present
Chairman and Founding Member, Oregon Fishermen's Cable Committee. Worked with other fishermen and representatives of WCI Cable to establish a cooperation-based inter-industry cable/fisheries liaison group.

Director BSCC April 1999-Present
Director and Founding Member, Bandon Submarine Cable Council. Worked with AT& T representatives to find solutions to Cable/Fisheries issues related to installation of the China-US Cable Network off Central Oregon.

Owner, CableFish Accords, Inc. Sept. 2000-Present
Owner and employee of small Marine Consulting and Management firm doing cable committee management, consulting and liaison with fishermen and government agencies for Telecoms, and fisherman representative work on cable survey and installation vessels

Commissioner, Oregon Trawl Commission 1985-1988
Appointed as commissioner to trawl industry commodity commission for the State of Oregon

Served as Chairman 1986-1988

Councilor, OPAC July 2000-Present
Appointed by the Governor of the State of Oregon to the State's Ocean Policy Advisory Council.
Representing North Coast Fisheries

Board of Directors, FMA 1994-1996
Served two terms on the Board of Directors of the Fishermen's Marketing Association, which is the largest organization of trawler on the West Coast of the United States

Member, Maritime Sciences Advisory Committee, 1993-1998
Appointed to represent Commercial Fisheries in advisory committee to Clatsop Community College, Astoria, OR.

Board of Directors, Seafood Consumer Center 2000-present
Elected to the Board of Directors, Oregon State University Seafood Consumer Center, Astoria, OR


Cable Projects Assisted

NorthStar Cable installation F/V served as guard vessel during PLIB ops 1999
China-US Cable Network Served as Fishermen Rep/liaison 1999
Southern Cross Cable Installation Served as Fishermen Rep/liaison 2000
Southern Cross Cable PLIB Served as Fishermen Rep/liaison 2000
(Confidential) Cable Survey Served as Fishermen Rep/liaison 2000
Southern Cross Re-route Geo-Survey Served as Fishermen Rep/liaison 2000
(Confidential) Cable Survey Served as Fishermen Rep/liaison 2000